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The Truth About Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are made of one of the hardest minerals on earth, making them a durable option for kitchen surfaces. Available in custom colors ranging from fire engine red to more natural colors and patterns that mimic granite and marble surfaces, quartz has a lot of benefits that make them a popular choice for homeowners. How do you know if quartz countertops are right for you? Read on to find the answers to commonly asked questions.

Is Quartz heat resistant?
Yes, quartz is heat resistant, but it is important to note that heat resistant is not the same as heat proof. Although most quartz countertops can safely withstand temperatures of over 150 degrees, they can be scorched by higher temperatures. When in doubt, it is best to play it safe and never place hot pots or pans directly on your quartz countertop.

Is Quartz scratch resistant?
Yes, quartz is very scratch resistant and compares well to granite. It is however easier to repair natural stone.

Are Quartz countertops really made up of 93% quartz?
Yes and no. The truth is some of the original colors may be 93% quartz by weight. If you measure the more modern colors by volume, however, they are more likely to be as much as 30% resin and 70% quartz.

Are Quartz countertops stain proof?
Quartz countertops are made with resins and polymers that give them low pourosity. This means that they are very stain resistant. That being said, they are not 100% stain proof. Quartz countertops can be stained by household products like markers. If this is a concern in your household, there are great sealers on the market that will help protect quartz surfaces against staining.

Why should I choose quartz?
While quartz has the look of stone, it is manmade. This means that custom design of patterns and colors is available. In other words, if you are looking for a color or pattern that is not found in nature, quartz may be exactly what you need.

Also, if you like the look of marble but worry about the maintenance, then quartz is a great alternative.

Is Quartz better than granite?
When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of these surfaces they are all about equal. Ultimately when making this decision it is best to choose what you fall in love with.

What Countertop Material is Right for You?

Designing a kitchen or bath can be a daunting task. Selecting the perfect color pallet and then matching appliances, faucets and accessories is enough to make your head spin. Just when you think you have everything under control, it is time to pick out the countertops. Now you are faced with selecting the right material as well as the perfect color and pattern. To help you get started, below is a breakdown of some of the most popular countertop material on the market.

Made from one of the most durable minerals on earth, quartz countertops offer benefits that can’t be found in 100% natural stone surfaces. The resins and polymers used in the manufacturing process allow for a variety of color options, and the low maintenance material is resistant to stains, heat and scratches. No regular sealing or upkeep is required to keep these countertops beautiful.

Granite is a natural stone that offers colors and patterns unique to every home. Along with its aesthetic beauty, granite is also very durable and highly resistant to scratches and heat.

Similar to granite, marble is heat resistant, however, it is prone to scratching and etching. To avoid lasting damage, highly acidic foods or drinks (like orange juice, lemons or vinegar) should be wiped up quickly using a mild cleaner, and cutting boards should always be on-hand to prevent scratching. Choosing marble with a honed finish can help hide the effects of etching and scratching.

The beautiful and timeless appearance of soapstone has been used in kitchens for hundreds of years. Impervious to stains and heat, there is no regular upkeep required for soapstone surfaces. Some homeowners choose to oil their countertops to give them a more polished look, but this is not necessary. Where soapstone falls short of other natural stone surfaces is that it is easily scratched.

Quartzite is a durable stone material that is known for its rich colors and veining. Not to be confused with quartz, quartzite is a 100% natural stone material. Harder than granite, quartzite is highly resistant to heat.

The Advantages of Granite Countertops

The advantages of granite countertops.
If you have watched any episodes of House Hunters on HGTV, you likely know that finding granite countertops in a kitchen or bath is like hitting the jackpot. Granite countertops are a gorgeous addition to any home, and have many benefits that extend beyond their aesthetic appeal.

Adding to the value of your home.
Granite countertops increase the value of your home today, and are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. A popular choice of homebuyers for decades, granite countertops are often listed as one of the first “must haves” that potential buyers give to their realtors. Choosing granite for your countertops are a sure investment that will add value to your home for years to come.

Low maintenance.
With the advancements in resins and sealers, granite surfaces are very resistant to staining. If you are purchasing a house with granite countertops, be sure to ask if the stone has ever been treated. Using a quality natural stone cleaner will protect them for years to come.

Scratch resistant.
Granite countertops score a seven on Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This rating determines how easily a material can be scratched. A seven means that your granite countertops are extremely scratch resistant. Although you don’t want to use a knife to cut directly on a granite surface (because it will dull your knives) you can rest assured that they will stand up well to normal wear and tear in the kitchen.

Heat resistant.
Unlike many manmade materials, granite will not melt or blister when exposed to heat. This is beneficial in the kitchen when you are handling hot pots and pans, and is also an important feature in the bathroom. Granite will not be damaged or weakened by a hot flat iron or curling iron forgotten on the vanity.

Easy to clean.
Modern natural stone cleaners make it easy to clean and maintain the beauty of your granite countertops.

Although unlikely under normal circumstances, if your countertops are damaged they can be easily repaired. With a minimal amount of TLC, your granite countertops can maintain their original beauty for the life of your home.

Finding Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style.
You’ve fallen in love with pictures on Pinterest and toured the homes of your friends and neighbors trying to find the perfect design for your kitchen. Any doubts you may have had about designing it yourself were put to rest after reading dozens of design blogs that gave you confidence in your kitchen design skills.

In reality, designing a functional kitchen and staying within your budget is not as easy as the internet makes it look. By taking advantage of the design staff at Legacy Marble and Granite, you will be able to design your dream kitchen without blowing your budget or having regrets.

“I want what my neighbor has!”
Many people see a beautiful kitchen at a friend or neighbors home and try to make it simple by saying, “I want what they have.” What they may not consider is how their neighbor uses the space. For example, your neighbor’s marble countertops may be stunning until you learn that they could be scratched or etched.

A professional designer will help you understand the pros and cons of every material used in your kitchen so that you can make a well-informed decision. The last thing you want to do is spend your money on a material that looks beautiful until your kid uses a pair of scissors and scratches the countertop, or your best friend spills a glass of red wine that leaves a tough to clean stain.

A beautiful space does not require a limitless budget.
With so many options in material and accessories, it can be easy to blow your budget. A designer can help you stay within your determined budget while still finding the perfect material and design that will make you fall in love with your new space. With a little help, you can design an affordable kitchen that has your neighbor saying, “I want what you have.”

Our design team is here for you.
Legacy Marble and Granite has a talented team of designers that can you create your dream kitchen. Let us help you find your own personal style and turn your dream into a reality.

Your Home, Our Legacy.

We are excited to work with them again

“The building of a new home can be a difficult process but with Ashley, Israel, and the entire Legacy team it was easy. They helped us be sure that our home would look as beautiful as it does. They take the time to get to you know you and your style. There isn’t anything we regret about working with Legacy and we would do it again in a heart beat. One stop shop and the value is unbeatable. We are already excited about our outdoor project so we can work with them again.”

– Monte P.

Granite Quarry Visit

Ever wondered how granite is processed? The guys from Legacy got to experience it firsthand! They visited a granite quarry in Cold spring, Minnesota and learned the processes.


First off let’s review the process of mining for granite! Granite is formed in the earth’s crust and has formed millions of years ago. Geological prospecting is used to find where the granite is located in the earth, when granite is located a quarry is created around that point the remove it from the earth. There are granite quarries located all over the world! Through sawing and drilling the granite is extracted in blocks from the site and sent to a processing plant where it will but cut and polished with diamond crusted tools. The slabs are then shipped all over the world to granite distributors.


I asked our guys what their favorite part of the trip was, although it was hard for them to tell me their one favorite part as they had many favorite parts, here’s what they thought!

Israel (owner): Actually seeing how granite is processed.

Brandon (operations manager): Seeing the blocks of granite being cut with a shot saw into slabs.

Cole (installer): The fact that the whole town used granite from the inside of businesses to the outside. From granite countertops inside to granite pieces being used as gravel outside!

Tony (sawyer): Granite processing.

Sergio (AutoCAD specialist): Seeing how another granite shop operates and the processing of granite.

Mark (fabricator): The learning experience of manufacturing granite from start to finish.

As you can see, their favorite part was the processing of granite! Here are some of their favorite photos of the trip!!!

bld. mn soldier

Let the Designers Help You

The designers at Legacy Natural Stone Surfaces assist a countless number of clients get the kitchen and vanity countertops they always dreamed of! It is important to bring your ideas with you! Here are a few items that we recommend you bring when choosing your countertops:

Floor plans: Bringing your floor plan will allow us to determine how much material will be needed for your project and allow us to generate an estimate.


Cabinet Colors: Having your cabinet color(s) with you will help us coordinate your countertop with your cabinets.


Flooring Coverings: Having your floor coverings will help, just like the cabinet color helps when selecting countertops.


Paint Colors: Paint colors are easier to change out than cabinets and flooring. But if you are trying to work around a particular color it is a good idea to bring paint samples in with you to help make the decision.


Backsplash Samples: Typically the backsplash samples are selected after you select your countertop. But if you already have it selected, bring it with you too!


If you are starting from the beginning of your project bring your ideas to us and our expert interior designers can help with color and finish selections!

Dark versus Light Counterops

This is a common question the designers at Legacy get from our clients! Some of our clients know before they visit us that they want either a dark or light colored countertop. And some clients have no idea what they want! If you are debating between the two, here are a few characteristics from each dark and light countertops to help you decide!


Dark Countertops provide a sleek look and add contrast to your space!


Light countertops provide a crisp and clean look and make your space appear larger!

If you have trouble deciding between the two try both! This creates a statement in your space. Make the island a darker color to create a focal point!Consider your flooring, textures, patterns, and colors in your space before choosing your contrasting colors.

Spring is finally here and many people are moving their home improvement projects from indoors to outdoors. Here are a few simple projects that can each be done in a day and will successfully boost your curb appeal!

Create a focal point on the entrance.

  • Paint the front door a contrasting color.
  • Choose decorative elements that reflect your personal style; wreaths, plants, furniture.
  • Update hardware; door knobs, house numbers, mailbox, light fixtures.

Install window boxes.

  • Allows you to add a splash of color and appeal to your home.
  • Be sure the window boxes reflect the style and color scheme of your home.

Add window shutters.

  • Adds color and visual interest.
  • Shutters are available in a variety of materials; aluminum, composite, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood.
  • Keep in mind your color scheme when adding shutters.

Install outdoor lighting along sidewalk.

  • Adds curb appeal making your entrance more inviting for guests.
  • Adds security.

Update flower beds.

  • Pull weeds.
  • Trim shrubs and plants so they do not block your windows and doors.
  • Add new mulch.
  • Edge the flower beds or create flower bed borders with stone or brick edging.
  • Plant new flowers that give pops of color.

Take a look at this beautiful home! What do you think of this curb appeal?