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Soapstone FAQs

Legacy Marble and Granite offers the largest selection of top-quality natural stone countertops in Northwest Ohio, serving the Perrysburg and Findlay areas and beyond. Family owned and operated, we work diligently to create extraordinary countertops and other products that will enhance the lives of their customers. Having a positive impact on our customers’ homes is our goal as we design and create high-end surfaces for each of our customers. We offer a unique selection and our staff members possess the skills, experience, and knowledge to create the best surfaces for each customer based on your specific needs and preferences.

A natural stone that can be found throughout the world, soapstone is a metaphoric rock that has been formed for decades by heat from the sun and the earth’s barometric pressure. This beautiful stone varies in colors, types, and quality that offers our customers a high-quality countertop for kitchens.

Here are five FAQs about soapstone:

#1 Is Maintenance Required?

When it comes to soapstone, there is very little maintenance required to keep your countertop looking its best. Some of our customers opt to have a periodic treatment of mineral oil to accelerate the process of darkening the stone but otherwise, soapstone countertops can be cleaned with everyday household cleaners and do not show fingerprints. They do not need to be sealed, which is a plus, but the mineral oil does allow the countertop’s surface to darken evenly over time.

#2 What If You Do Not Oil Soapstone?

Soapstone will darken over time whether or not our staff applies oil to it, but it may darken deeper in areas of the countertops that are used the most. If you leave it untreated, in time, the soapstone will darken around the surface areas most frequently used, particularly in a kitchen or food service environment. Leaving the soapstone untreated will develop a veneer of aging that many of our customers appreciate. The good thing is that if you decide you want your countertops oiled, you can do so at any time.

# 3 Should It Be Sealed?

Since soapstone is not a porous stone, it is not recommended that it be sealed. Stones that can stain, such as granite or marble, need to be sealed but soapstone does not.

# 4 How Do You Keep it Clean?

While any household cleaner can be used to clean your beautiful soapstone countertops, it is recommended to use mild dish soap and hot water. Harsher cleaners can affect the oil-treated surface and another mineral oil treatment may be needed.

# 5 Does Soapstone Scratch?

Yes, soapstone can scratch but the fun part is that by simply applying some mineral oil, the scratches can be hidden. Deep scratches can be wiped out with a little light sanding and some mineral oil. Soapstone is very durable and will not be affected by extremely hot or cold, making it a great choice for your countertops.

When it comes to installing the most amazing soapstone countertops in your home, turn to the experts you can trust at Legacy Marble and Granite for all of your high-quality countertop needs.