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Marble Countertops FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions About Marble Countertops


Do marble countertops require a sealant?

A marble countertop should be sealed, but how often depends on the stone itself and the sealing process. A professional can seal your countertop for you, but it is also possible to do it yourself at home. Sealers eventually wear over time, so using a cleaner with sealing properties is all that should need done to maintain the protection of your countertop.


What is the difference between polished marble and honed marble?

Polished marble has a very shiny, glossy look to it. It is very smooth. Honed marble is less shiny and feels more like a matte finish. There is still a slight gloss, but it is less reflective than polished marble. Many people choose honed marble over polished marble for their homes because a scratch or etch is less visible on honed marble.


What is etching on marble?

Marble has large amounts of calcium carbonate. When something acidic comes into contact with marble, the calcium carbonate reacts and is eaten away. This is a naturally occurring corrosive reaction. Etching is not just a stain, but an actual physical change in the surface of the stone. It is more difficult to repair than a stain. It appears as a dull spot on polished surfaces, which is a reason that some consumers prefer honed marble for their countertops.


How should marble be cleaned?

Marble should be cleaned with a soft cloth and a cleaner that is safe for marble. Acidic liquids negatively impact the surface of marble. Wipe the cleaner away completely with a non-abrasive damp cloth, and then follow with a dry cloth. Using a microfiber cloth will add a little sparkle to your countertop!


Why should I use marble in my home?

Marble is a timeless and elegant natural stone. Ultimately, the sort of stone you use in your home is up to your own personal preference. It may seem that marble is hard to care for, but in truth, it’s no harder to care for than any other stone. Marble should be treated carefully, but that is the sacrifice to be made for the unmatched elegance and beauty of the surface. If you love the look of marble, decide if the care of it is for you, and then come and see our wide variety of marble offerings.




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