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Maybe you’re in the middle of a home renovation project. The kitchen and bathrooms are important elements of every home. A lot of time is spent in both of these rooms, so in a renovation, you want to make sure you love what you’re putting in them. When redoing the bathroom or kitchen, the main thing to consider are the countertops. The countertops are going to be a focal point of your kitchen. You have to ask yourself, what is better for your home? Natural stone or engineered stone?

Natural Stone 

Natural stone, like granite, marble, Quartzite and limestone, is sourced from the Earth. They come from slabs of rock-cut from stone quarries. Natural stone takes its color and composition from the mother nature where it was formed and from the minerals around it.

Engineered Stone 

Engineered stone is created mixing quartz crystals with plastic like resins. Engineered stone is manipulated with resin and pigments to try and recreate the look of natural stone. 

In terms of durability, is natural or engineered stone stronger? 

Natural and engineered stone are both very strong. They are nearly identical in terms of durability, but natural stone holds up to heat better. Both natural and engineered stone should be protected.


Do natural and engineered stone look alike? 

Natural stone is completely unique. There is no slab exactly like the one you select because like snowflakes, no two are alike. There will be variations in color and pattern. Although there might be slight variations in pattern, engineered stone is mass-produced. Engineered stone is designed to replicate natural stone, but in a uniform matter that lacks natural stone’s unique quality and luster.


Which is easier to clean, natural or engineered stone? 

There are common household items that can damage stone countertops through a natural corrosive reaction, so it’s important to protect both natural and engineered stone. Both types of stone countertop should be sealed to help prevent etching and staining. Both types of stone should be washed with a pH-neutral stone cleaner and a soft cloth.



Making the right choice for you 

There are pros and cons to both engineered and natural stone. Both are fine choices for your home, but ultimately, it is for you to decide what is best for your home. Natural stone is a beautiful piece of unique nature that has come to serve a purpose in your home. Engineered stone is a competent choice but will lack the character of natural stone.

Are you thinking of putting natural or engineered stone in your home?