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Are you planning an upgrade to your Findlay, OH area kitchen or bath, but want a look that stands apart from the monotonous trends found in home fashion magazines? A quartzite stone countertop may be the perfect solution. Legacy Marble & Granite always has a wide selection of slabs for this special stone in stock. But first, learn a little more about this often-overlooked option for your home renovation.


Quartzite: A Natural–not Manmade–Stone Countertop Surface

If you have been searching for the perfect material for your kitchen counters, you may have considered quartz. However, quartz is a manmade stone product. Quartzite is actually a natural stone like marble or granite. It begins as sandstone that is made up of mostly quartz. It is then subjected to high heat and pressure–usually due to the shift of tectonic plates. That results in the creation of quartzite, an incredibly hard and beautiful metamorphic rock.


Unique Color Combinations not Found in Other Stone Materials

Since quartzite is found all over the world where the different tectonic plates meet, it can have truly beautiful colors made by the inclusion of minerals such as iron, dumortierite, and copper. This expands the possible color palette beyond the customary white, gray, and pink that are typically found in many granite and marble slabs. For example, Amazonite quartzite features large pieces of jade and aqua green cut by sparkles and splashes of rusty maroon. You can create a kitchen or bath that includes bold hues, instead of the same off-white and beige found in so many homes.


Selecting a Quartzite Slab that will Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

Have you always dreamed of a master bath finished out in shades of blue and white? If you select a slab of Azul Macaubas quartzite for your project, your counters and shower walls will be clad in royal blue, a smattering of light gold, and waves of white foam. When you visit your friend’s home, you will not see an exact duplicate of this singular stone or its application.


Comparable to Marble and Granite Yet Oh-So Different

So, you love the looks that are possible when you choose a quartzite stone slab, but what about the maintenance? There must a reason that granite and marble remain the most popular choices on the market. Actually, quartzite requires the same care as other natural stone products. You will need to use a good cleaner conditioner like Supreme Surfaces. Otherwise, it will be ready to last an eternity when properly maintained.


If you would like to compare the look and feel of granite, marble, and quartzite countertop slabs, come visit us at Legacy Marble & Granite. Give us a ring at (419) 664-5026 to schedule your personal tour of our Findlay, OH showroom today.