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Granite Countertops FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions About Granite Countertops


Will liquids stain my granite countertops?

No, liquids will not stain your granite countertops. Granite is a natural stone but is not very porous. Therefore, it is extremely stain-resistant and is also not subject to etching. Granite is very sturdy and easy to care for. It is a perfect natural stone for a space that will receive a lot of use, like a kitchen.


Does Granite Need to be Sealed?

While granite is a very sturdy and hard stone, it does need to be sealed. Sealing the granite helps protect its integrity and further defend against stains and dulling, which is already unlikely. A professional fabricator will use a good sealer that does not need to be reapplied.  Just make sure you are a using a recommended cleaner on your countertops.


Can I set hot plates on my granite countertop?

Yes! Unlike quartz, granite is extremely heat resistant. Granite is an intrusive igneous rock, which means that it was formed by extreme heat and pressure underneath the Earth’s crust. It is not impacted by heat. You can place pans hot from the stove and trays from the oven directly onto granite countertops with no fear that the stone will be damaged.


Is granite recommended for the kitchen?

Yes, granite is a great natural stone to use in the kitchen. Granite is very durable and easy to care for. It is heat-resistant and not likely to stain, etch, or dull. It is also safe to prepare food on, even though it is always recommended to use a cutting board when preparing food. Using cutting boards protects your knives and countertops as best as possible. 


How do you care for granite?

Caring for granite is easy! It is very simple to care for. Protect your natural stone countertop by using a recommended cleaner, a cutting board, and protective pads for hot pans and trays. Although granite is heat-resistance and not likely to stain, you will definitely not hurt your countertops in an effort to protect them.




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