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This stunningly beautiful natural stone has become a popular choice for many homeowners. Quartzite combines the practicality and durability of granite with the beauty of marble to make a dazzling countertop for kitchens and bathrooms. It works beautifully elsewhere in your home as well. The stone’s lovely natural veining swirls of gray and white – the color of quartzite in its natural form – are enticing. But the metamorphose process from sandstone to quartzite also can yield a stunning variety of patterns and colors. This guarantees your countertop will be one-of-a-kind.

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Quartzite FAQs

What is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic stone that is often used for premium countertops, just like granite and marble. It begins many eons ago as sandstone that is rich in quartz. After being subjected to extreme pressure and heat caused by the shifting of tectonic plates, quartzite is created. It is harder than marble or granite and is available in a wide range of colors based on mineral content.

Are Quartzite and Quartz counters made out of the same material?

If you are at the home improvement store, you may see displays for quartz and quartzite. They are not the same. Quartz is a man-made surface created by using powdered stone and resins which are then pressed and heated to create a durable surface. You can select a print or pattern for quartz. Quartzite is a natural stone and will have variations in color and veining. You will shop for a specific slab of quartzite, not make a selection based on a small sample.

Can I get the same quartzite counter installed in both my kitchen and bath?

Quartzite slabs are cut in approximately 6-foot by 10-foot blocks. No two slabs are the same, but they can be similar. If you want matching quartzite for all your counters, you will need multiple slabs cut from the same mountain face at the same time to limit variation in color and veining.

What kind of maintenance do quartzite counters require?

While quartzite will last a lifetime, it can be stained. A stone sealant will be applied by your fabricator and it is recommended to use Supreme Surface Cleaner and Conditioner to continue the protection process.  It is highly resistant to scratches and dents.

Can a quartzite countertop be repaired?

If your quartzite countertop does develop a scratch, chip, or crack, there are ways for your countertop installation company to repair the damage. This is a big advantage compared to manmade products like Quartz countertops.


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