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Are you thinking of granite countertops for your home? That’s fantastic! Granite is a durable and beautiful natural stone. It’s natural properties lend itself very well to being used in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite, although a natural stone, is not very porous. It will not stain, etch, or chip in the same way that other stones may. You can also place hot pans on granite directly from the stove, because granite is heat resistant. Although granite is not indestructible, it is very hard to damage, making it perfect for an area that gets a ton of use, such as a kitchen or bathroom. There are a few things to consider when choosing your granite countertop, so keep the below in mind!

  1. What color are you looking for?Granite is a natural stone that is influenced by its environment during formation. Depending on what sort of minerals are around the stone when it is being heated and pressed beneath the Earth’s crust, it can turn many different colors. Color does have the possibility of impacting the price of granite, so do you have your heart set on the most expensive granite there is? Blue is the most expensive type of granite. More standard colors like white and grey tend to be more economical, and are just as beautiful! The natural quality of stone means that you have a piece in your kitchen that isn’t alike any other stone anywhere in the world.
  1. What sort of edges would you like?There are several design choices to be made, post-finishing in the countertop world. Granite, in particular, can have a whole host of edge options that can make your countertops truly stand out. Different types of edges include:


Eased Edge Type

This type of granite edge is the most popular. It is not too rounded but it is also not too sharp. This edge is basically a 90-degree square edge that is slightly eased. This type of granite edge adds the thickest look to the granite countertop. It is easy to clean and doesn’t hold spillages that so often happen in a kitchen.


If you want to achieve a sleek, elegant, and modern look in your kitchen, choose this type of granite edge. Crescent edge features a gradual curve from top to bottom.

Half Bullnose

It is rounded and features clean and sleek look, perfect for modern, contemporary designs. This edge looks like there is almost no edge at all. That is why its name is Waterfall. It seems like granite flows over the countertop without a stopping point. This is also one of the safest granite edges you can choose.

Granite is a simple stone that is easy to take care of. It’s durable, beautiful, and easy to clean. What more could you ask for? Visit our showroom to find the granite that is perfect for your style and home.