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3 Quick Tips: Caring for Your Custom Marble Countertops


Now that your kitchen renovation is complete, you need to know how to keep those amazing new marble countertops looking like new. While your installation technician from Legacy Marble & Granite left you a wealth of information, these simple tips are the most effective methods needed to maintain that lustrous glow.


Cutting Boards Protect the Polished Surface

While marble counters create a gorgeous surface on which to prepare and serve your daily meals, they can be damaged by knives and other sharp objects. Whether you add a clear glass board or one made out of the remnants of your countertop installation, it will prevent daily slicing and dicing from marring the flawless finish. Keep a collection of boards handy so there is always one available when it is time to start chopping for suppertime.


Daily Cleaning

In order to maintain that luxurious stone appearance, we recommend using Supreme Surface® Granite Cleaner & Conditioner as your daily cleaner. Just use a soft cloth and this mild cleanser to pick up spills and for daily wipe downs. It is engineered to maintain a good seal, protecting your marble against stains and mineral build up. If you have a tough spot, a mix of denatured alcohol can be used. Before using anything harsher, don’t hesitate to give us a call for more tips.


Hot Pots and Trivets are Your Friends

While the marble counter will not warp if exposed to a hot pot, the uneven bottom of your metal pots and pans may leave minor scratches that can dull the polished finish over time. Invest in a few trivets and cooling racks so that you always have a safe spot to place a hot pan and prevent the possibility of leaving any scratches behind.

If you live in the Findlay, OH area and have a question about your marble countertops that wasn’t answered here, give us a call at Legacy Marble & Granite. We will be happy to help you keep your kitchen or bath looking its best.