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There are many factors to consider when choosing a granite for your home. Granite is a very versatile and detailed stone. Additionally, sometimes what is called a “granite” in the stone industry isn’t what a geologist would call granite. Although stones may have different names and be composed of different minerals, their properties are the same.

There is a type of granite out in the world that is right for you. It’s all about your personal taste and budget. There are several kinds of post-finishing decisions that one can make on a granite countertop that changes its overall cost. For example, the types of edges you choose to have on the counter. When it comes to the stone itself, here are some different types of granite for different budgets. 


Economical Types of Granite:

Low-Grade Granite is commercial grade or builder’s grade, entry level granite stone.  It features a simple design and standard colors.

Some types of economical granite are:

  • Uba Tuba or Green Labrador Granite
  • Moon White Granite
  • River White Granite
  • Baltic Brown Granite
  • Tan Brown Granite


Popular Types of Granite:

Mid Grade Granite is generally imported from Brazil or India. It features a bit more unique colors than Level 1 Granite.

Popular types of mid grade granite include:

  • White Ice
  • Romanix
  • Alaska White


Luxury types of granite:

Top Grade Granites are of the finest quality, most unique designs, veins, rare colors, and patterns.

There are other factors that impact a luxury granite as well, for example, a particular sought after color may only represent 5% of what comes out of that particular quarry making it rare. Unusual color patterns are also considered luxurious. Blue granite, for example, is considered to be the most expensive and luxurious type of granite.

Some types of luxurious granite:

  • Bahia Blue and Sodalight Blue
  • Tourmaline Granite
  • Amazonite Granite

Granite is a beautiful and durable stone that is perfect for your kitchen. There are several different varieties, so it is up to you to choose the best one for your lifestyle–and your budget!