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Frequently Asked Questions About Quartz Countertops

Is Quartz Natural or Manmade?

Quartz is considered to be a manmade countertop material, as it is made in a factory. However, quartz is based on natural stone. This gives quartz countertops a unique look with natural variance that makes each piece of quartz unique and beautiful.

What are Quartz Countertops Made From?

Quartz countertops are made from taking natural quartz (which forms within the Earth) and combining it with special resins. The quartz and the resins are combined in a factory.

Does Quartz Need to be Sealed?

It is best to have a quartz countertop sealed. Quartz does have excellent stain-resisting properties. However, the surface of the quartz countertop can be porous. This means that it is possible for quartz countertops to get stained over time. Sealing a quartz countertop will make it more resistant to stains and other types of damage.

Can Quartz be Scratched or Burnt?

It is a common misconception that quartz cannot be scratched or burnt. Quartz is a very tough material, but it can be scratched or burnt. It is not quite as tough as granite, which as a form of igneous rock, is nearly indestructible. Quartz can be burnt by very high temperatures. Quartz can also be damaged if it is gouged with a harder mineral.

Which Edges Can be Created with Quartz?

Quartz offers great freedom when it comes to choosing the edge that you want. Top, bottom and crescent edges are available with quartz, as they are with all of the countertops we offer. Quartz countertops can also have Ogee and Half Bullnose edges, which are not available on all of our countertops.