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Four Things People May Not Know About Quartz

Busy people are drawn to low-maintenance options when it comes to their homes, therefore quartz countertops are becoming more popular. Not only is a quartz countertop easier to maintain, but it is also durable and comes in a variety of styles. Many people know these facts about quartz but there are several truths many people do not know.


#1: Quartz Countertops Mirror Marble Ones

Quartz comes in a wide variety of backgrounds, from bold to soft veining, and will fit with most people’s renovation budgets. You can choose a quartz countertop to fit with your kitchen design that will be much more resistant to stains, water spots, and scratches yet look similar to marble.


#2: Quartz Is The Same Cost As Natural Stone

The price per square foot for quartz is similar to natural stones, such as marble and slate. Better yet, quartz looks expensive without the high-dollar price tag. Since quartz comes in an array of colors and patterns, it will still add value to your home along with beauty and class.


#3: Quartz Is Created Through Manufacturing

You may be under the impression that quartz is mined like granite stone, but that is not the case. Quartz is created with quartz stone that is crushed and mixed with mineral fillers. Some quartz countertops also contain some polymeric or cement-based binders to help create a slab with pigments that are used to give it the color you want for your kitchen or bathroom. These additives also help the quartz maintain its strength and durability. Due to the increased robustness of quartz, it does not require a periodic sealant like other stones. This also saves time and maintenance.


#4: Quartz and Quartzite Are Not The Same

Quartz and Quartzite are two different materials that can be used for similar functions. Quartzite is a stone that is mined so it is beautiful and natural but requires much more maintenance than quartz does. Quartzite also needs to be re-sealed every few years while quartz requires no sealant. You also have more of a selection of colors when it comes to quartz countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. From greys and browns to blacks, and blues, quartz is much more fun to work with than quartzite.


These are just four of several facts that many people might not know about quartz, but they are all important to keep in mind when selecting your countertop material. Quartz is a great option because it is resistant to heat and easy to maintain and clean, leaving your counters looking beautiful all the time.