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Natural Stone Counters and Seamless Installation Procedures

Are you planning on an epic kitchen rehab or installation that includes large pieces of stone counters? At Legacy Marble & Granite in Findlay, OH, we offer the support and expertise required to make those counters appear as a single piece of stone.

The Beauty of a Single Sheet of Flawless Stone

When you are planning your kitchen renovation that includes custom cabinetry, a huge island, and natural stone counters in granite or marble, you probably envision a sea of flawless stone for every counter. When you visit our showroom, you will see slabs on display that generally measure roughly six by eleven feet. How do you get a counter that will be 12-foot long to appear to be seamless? The word “appear” is key in this instance. We do have the experience and technology to deliver on your dreams.

Computer-Aided Design and Technology Selects the Spot for an Inconspicuous Seam

For large kitchen projects, your counters may be cut from more than one slab. You would select a pair of slabs that are sliced from the same quarried block for a best match of colors and graining. Our technician creates a digital template for your kitchen and then feeds the template into our computer. Our advanced software matches the final dimensions of the countertop to the graining and appearance of the slab and then sends instructions to the saw to make the cuts. The computer is also told about narrow hallways or tight corners in the kitchen where large pieces of stone may have difficulty maneuvering for installation.

Experienced Technicians Erase the Connection

Now that your granite or marble countertops are ready to be permanently installed, our technicians slide them into position, butting up the seams as tight as possible. Colors are added to a resin to best match the countertop. The resin is fed into the seam. When dry, our technician will scrape the seam, leaving it to be inconspicuous to the eye.

Our Associates Help You Find the Slabs Ready to be Matched

There is no doubt that when you are working with a dramatic selection of stone that features unusual colors or deep veining, you do need the assistance of experienced professionals to get the end result you desire. We support your choice in design and understand where seams are likely to appear in your final plan. By working with one of our stone specialists, we can help you find the perfect slab that will readily work with the cuts required for your job.

In the end, your concerns about visible seams in a stone counter are valid. However, when you work with Legacy Marble & Granite, we have the tools and technicians needed to create a stunning stone countertop worthy of your Findlay, OH area home.