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Top 5 Home Design Ideas where Granite Creates Elegant Living

Of course, when renovating your bath or kitchen, your first choice for a long-lasting and luxurious countertop will be granite. This is not the only application where this stunning, natural stone can be used. At Legacy Marble & Granite, we are eager to work with all of our clients in creating fresh spaces for your home that work seamlessly with this versatile and extremely durable material. Find some inspiration with these Top 5 options for bringing granite into your Findlay, OH home.

1. A Beautiful Entry Table for Your Spacious Foyer

Welcome your guests into your elegant home while a granite-topped table provides a convenient spot for keys, wallets, phones, and purses. The gleam of its polished surface will catch the rays cast by your chandelier and works well with rustic and traditional decor. Tops can be cut to order to fit your cherished antique table legs and include an ogee or bullnose to soften sharp edges.

2. Accenting Your Walk-In Closet

Spin up your options inside your custom walk-in closet with a granite countertop for the center island or as a vanity top. Bring an extra touch of beauty into this small space by matching the counters to those in your spa suite. Easy to clean, lint, and dust is simple to spy on its shiny top, so you can take steps to protect your best outfits.

3. Creating a Stunning and Functional Outdoor Kitchen

Are you adding an expansive entertaining space to your deck and patio? Your outdoor kitchen will benefit from a beautiful granite countertop, even more than your indoor cooking center. The granite withstands all the elements of weather and can be matched to the manufactured or natural stone blocks used to create the tables, counters, and even seating areas.

4. A Durable Bench for Your Mudroom

Do the kids make an absolute mess out of your mudroom while pulling off boots, coats, hats, and gloves? Go indestructible when you add a granite bench seat. No matter what they bring inside, the stone is nearly impervious to the elements. When the area is all neatened up for company, the granite brings warmth and style to an often dismissed corner of your home.

5. Adding a Gardening Table that can Withstand the Elements

Do you love tending to your flowers, herbs, and vegetables? Using a granite countertop for your gardening table means you never have to worry about the effects of damp pots, spilled dirt, or constant use may have on its appearance. Able to be positioned in your sunroom, its naturally textured colors beautifully complement your furniture and decor.

If you have a creative idea to introduce granite counters into unique places in your home, give us a call at Legacy Marble & Granite in Findlay, OH. We will be happy to help you achieve your dreams with a custom application.