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Tips For Choosing The Right Quartz Countertop  

Quartz countertops have grown in popularity in recent years due to their beauty, variety, and affordability relative to granite. There is so much variety, in fact, that choosing a quartz countertop can be a little overwhelming. Check out the tips below to make the process of choosing the perfect quartz countertop a little easier.

You Can Get A Marble-Like Look Or A Style Resembling Granite

Many people who are new to the premium countertop experience aren’t aware of quartz’s incredible versatility. Quartz countertops have always been available in many styles, but in recent years manufacturers have come out with some incredibly beautiful quartz looks. You can even have a quartz countertop that looks like a marble countertop, with that beautiful white sheen. Also, quartz countertops that resemble granite have become very popular recently. Quartz countertops with a granite-like look have the same sort of beautiful sparkling veins of many colors that lovers of granite will instantly recognize.

Consider Getting The Quartz Sealed

You do not necessarily have to get a quartz countertop sealed. However, it may be a good idea. This is especially true if you are getting quartz countertops for your bathroom. Quartz is slightly porous, so it is stain-resistant but not completely stain-proof. Liquids such as wine and coffee can stain quartz if these liquids are allowed to dry and set on the countertop. Even if your quartz countertop is sealed, you should still clean spills up right away. However, getting your quartz countertop sealed when you purchase it will help certainly help protect it from stains.

Take A Look At The Many Elegant Edge Styles Available With Quartz

After you’ve picked the perfect style of quartz countertop, the next part of the experience is picking the right edge style. One of our most popular edge types is top and bottom edging, in which both the top and bottom parts of the edge are beautifully sculpted. We also offer Crescent edges on quartz countertops. These edges are gently curved over the entire thickness of the edge. We even offer unique Ogee/Half Bullnose edges.

Picking The Perfect Quartz Countertop

Our expert associates are here for you if you’d like some advice when it comes to picking the perfect quartz countertop. Your quartz countertop will last for many years, so we understand how important it is to pick a countertop with the perfect kind of beauty. Contact us today to begin the experience of finding the perfect quartz countertop.